First Time at a CBD Store? Here’s What to Look For

What to Look For When Buying CBD Products

As CBD becomes an increasingly popular way to treat mental and physical illnesses, it is important to understand what to look for when buying CBD Oils, CBD Vapes, Hemp Cigarettes and other CBD products for the first time. 

In my experience with CBD, I avoid purchasing from a vape, tobacco shop or gas station because the person selling the product has very little knowledge about the CBD product and has not been trained correctly. The industry is changing constantly so if you’re shopping at a physical store look for a store that offers a diversity of brands and applications and has the ability to adjust to the CBD market as it changes.  When it comes to online shopping, shop at your own risk, many CBD products sold online are mislabeled or have been found not to contain the dosage amount on the label.  Online shopping comes down to knowing who you’re buying from, are they reputable, what experiences have customers had with their store, read what customers say about them both good and bad, do your research!


Step by Step Guide to Buying CBD Products

  1. Make Sure Your CBD Product Contains Hemp Extract and Not Just Hemp Seed Oil.  Many people are fooled into thinking they are buying a CBD product when they buy Hemp lotion or oil. If CBD is not on the label then those products were probably made from Hemp Seed Oil which contains little to no CBD.  Hemp Seed Oil is made from the seed of the plant, the only way to get CBD is to grow the plant and extract the CBD out of the bud and stem of the plant.  This is why Hemp products made from seed oil are less expensive than CBD products.

  1. Make Sure Your CBD Product Has Been 3rd Party Tested proving that what is listed on the label is actually in the product itself.  Most products will have a QSR code on the back that you can scan with your phone and the product’s C.O.A. (certificate of analysis) will pop up and show you the independent test results for the percentages of CBD, THC, and any other cannabinoids in the product. 

  1. Know Who You Are Buying From: are they educated on CBD or just know enough about CBD to sell it to you? You can determine this by looking for a CBD certification on the wall showing the person or persons have been trained and educated on not just the product, but CBD itself. The person you are buying from should be educating you on CBD not trying to sell you CBD products.  They should ask if you take a drug test for a job or are taking other medications and then advise you accordingly.  They should advise you on how CBD could positively or negatively affect other medications you might be taking. The bottom line, buy from someone who you trust and find extremely knowledgeable about the product and can provide you with the education of that CBD product and what application of CBD will be best for your individual situation.


  1. Not All CBD Is Made The Same.  Read the dosage levels on each product when comparing price & quality. I once had a customer with a 3000mg CBD Oil that cost her $135.  Our 3000mg oil cost $175. I compared the two bottles and her product only offered 49mg per dose. My store’s 3000mg CBD Oil offered 99mg of CBD per dose. Her bottle had been watered down with more carrier oil.

Curiosity and peer pressure, add to the stress of growing up, and even though pharmaceuticals have their place, we all know one pill always leads to another pill, and if you can avoid that road with a natural alternative, especially as a kid, that’s never a bad thing.