Koi Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals

Koi Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals are a delicious and enjoyable way to consume THC. With three types of the cannabinoid all blended together, users can expect an uplifting, but relaxing and mildly euphoric effect. These fun and tasty crystals come in two flavors, tropical and blue raspberry.

cbd delta 8 gummies

Koi CBD Delta 8 Gummies – 500MG – 25MG Delta-8 THC Per Gummy

Delta 8 Gummies


The Delta-8 THC used in the Koi CBD Delta 8 Gummies, 25 mg per gummy, are a hemp derived product, that comes in 4 different flavors; Watermelon, Strawberry, Mango, & Blue Raspberry. Koi CBD uses a process known as isomerization, don’t worry we’ll skip the scientific explanation, where they convert hemp derived CBD isolate into delta-8 THC. 20 Count per jar.


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Hemp+Ville & Covid-19

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