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CBD flower can also be categorized into 3 categories which are Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. CBD Flower Sativa will typically provide uplifting and energizing properties. CBD Sativa strains are best used in the morning or throughout the day. On the other end of the spectrum, Indica strains have more relaxing and calming properties which can sometimes lead to sleepiness. Therefore, Indica is best used after dinner or before bed. In the middle of the spectrum are Hybrid strains. These are grown with a mix of Sativa and Indica and can be used virtually anytime of the day.

The sativa strain is based upon energizing effects that have characteristics able to reduce anxiety or stress. It increases focus and creativity. Sativa is generally better for the morning or day time due to its stimulating impact. 

Activa | Electra | Sour Space | Sweetened | Frosted Lime

Indica is associated with deep relaxation while also reducing insomnia. Due to its deep full-body effects, indicia is typically better consumed at night. 

Berry | Hawaiian Haze | Purple Urkle | Bush Kush

The hybrid strand is a mix of sativa and indica. Therefore its unique impacts can range from limiting stress and anxiety while also sparking focus. Effects of the hybrid strand have also led to the easing of chemotherapy or radiation. This strand is made for anytime of day use.  

Lifter | Trump T-1 | Sour Space Candy | Mammoth Pain | Special Sauce | ChemDawg og

CBG flower is a hemp or cannabis bud that has been specially bred to contain particularly high concentrations of the cannabinoid, CBG, as opposed to CBD or THC.vCBG is often referred to as the “mother” or “stem cell” cannabinoid due to the fact that it’s a precursor to other cannabinoids.

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