Delta 8 Lollipops – 30mg

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Delta 8 Lollipops – 30mg

HempVille CBD is proud to carry Delta 8 Lollipops in our edible CBD products. Delta 8 Lollipops come in 2 flavors, Mango and Blueberry. The Delta 8 Lollipops have a pop of natural flavor and can fulfill any sweet tooth you have when indulging in delta 8 benefits.

Delta 8 Lollipops Specifications:

  • 30mg Delta 8
  • Mango
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry

Delta 8 Lollipops – 30mg


This is a new, fun way to enjoy delta 8 whether you are hanging with friends or want a sweet treat to relax! The Delta 8 Lollipop is potent and filled with flavor.

Delta 8 Lollipops will give you a sense of total physical well being while creating a relaxing sensation through your body and elevating your mood. Delta 8 Lollipops will also help stimulate your appetite and reduce anxiety and nausea. However, due to the Delta 8 Lolliepops high potency and concentration of Delta 8 THC the effects may be stronger and you should not operate machinery or a vehicle when using delta 8 LolliPops. It is also advised to not use Delta 8 THC when pregnant or breastfeeding as it may be harmful.


Mango, Blueberry, Cherry


10 Pack, 1 Pack

1 review for Delta 8 Lollipops – 30mg

  1. Steve Lucas (verified owner)

    These taste great and work great. Felt really good when I ate one after work and slept so good. Forgot to turn off the light and on the c-pap, but I was out like a drought. I am ordering more.

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