Hemp+Ville CBD Hybrid Flower – 3.5 GM | 0.5 OZ | 1.0 OZ


Hemp+Ville CBD Hybrid Flower – .25 OZ| 0.5 OZ | 1.0 OZ

ChemDawg og, Cherry Abacus,Siskiyou Gold

Hybrid – Hybrid strains are the result of crossbreeding cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. Each Hybrid strain has its own unique balance between Indica and Sativa, and the effects will vary accordingly based on a given strain’s ratio of the two.

The Sativa CBD Flower Strain can help reduce anxiety, stress and can increase creativity and focus. The high that Sativa CBD Flowers produce is more of a “mind high” than physical and you may feel more productive and energized to get things done.

The CBD Indica Flower strain helps with anxiety, insomnia, and has a calming effect. It provides more of a physical high rather than a cerebral high and has deep relaxing effects.

If you are looking to combine both the energizing effects of the Sativa CBD Flower and the relaxing effects of the Indica CBD Flower, the CBD Hybrid flower may be the best choice for you. At Hemp+Ville CBD we strive to help you understand the difference between the Cannabis strains and CBD Flowers to ensure you are getting the best possible products and benefits.


ChemDawg og, Cherry Abacus, Siskiyou Gold


.25 OZ, 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ

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