Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll


Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll – Dipped & Rolled in Kief


Tarantula Delta 8 pre-roll is infused with kief and an herbal flavor. This wax-coated joint hits smooth and often results in a powerfully soothing high, but it is not for beginners. This euphoric experience can be overwhelming if you are not experienced with cannabis, but it’s good for socializing. Part of the award-winning Tarantula Delta 8 pre-roll line, Tarantula is known for its top-shelf indoor grown mouthwatering buds that leaves you with a sweet finish after every puff. Bursting with over a full gram of robust strain-specific cannabis, this pre-roll is rolled to perfection in raw natural hemp paper cone, coated with distillate testing at 90 %+ thc, and then dusted with golden kief for that signature Tarantula finish.

Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll


The Delta 8 Pre-Roll is a popular way to smoke the cannabinoid. You can find different levels of Delta 8 THC in flowers so that you know how much Delta 8 you will be inhaling. One can find strains of the flower that are more potent and infused with Delta 8 or one can find milder versions of the flower with less concentrate of Delta-8. This is a popular form because users will feel similar benefits in Delta 8 THC as they would in Delta-9 just not as intense.

Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll Definition:

Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol better known as D8 or Delta 8, is a minor cannabinoid that creates a less anxious psychoactive and overall smoother experience than the more familiar Delta-9 THC found in cannabis.  Derived and processed through Industrial Hemp plants testing below 0.3% total THC, Delta 8 products are trending with many consumers and advocates promoting its therapeutic benefits.

Why you need a Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll:

The Delta 8 Flower is viewed as a milder version of Delta 9 THC making it popular for people of all experience levels with smoking CBD and THC. It is becoming the “Hemp industries new favorite cannabinoid” so you may want to get your hands on it now! The Delta 8 Flower has numerous benefits including relaxation, reduces nausea, appetite control and reduces pain and inflammation. These are just some of the benefits and it can create a full body relaxation making it a natural medical option for anxiety. It also will not get you high and its effects are more subtle than marijuana and delta 9 THC. As stress is a factor that can lead to many health issues, the Delta 8 Flower can help reduce your stress after a long day at work.

Hemp+Ville CBD – Tarantula Delta 8 Pre-Roll:

At Hemp+Ville CBD we are sure to bring the highest quality Delta-8 THC Flowers to our shelves. Our vendors ensure that the flowers are planted, grown and dried properly so users can enjoy smoking the Delta-8 Flower smoothly. It is crucial to keep these flowers fresh and sealed in specific containers so no odors or concentrate is released before use. This ensures users are getting the highest quality Delta 8 THC from first opening the jar. We also offer different strains of Delta 8 THC and can answer any questions first time or experienced users may have about the difference in strains.


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