Why Hemp+Ville CBD Franchise?

One of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. is the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. From joint pain to skincare, Americans are using CBD to help treat everyday maladies. 

By 2022, the Hemp Business Journal estimates that hemp-based CBD sales will reach $646 million, with more than a quarter of those sales coming from Natural and Specialty retailers. 

Now is the time to carve out your share of the booming CBD industry by investing in a Hemp+Ville CBD Franchise. 

About Hemp+Ville CBD

Hemp+Ville CBD was founded by Tony Barragan after being introduced to the benefits of CBD oil by a close friend who suffered from chronic pain. Tony had a revelation on a hot summer night in 2018 that changed the direction of his life and and gave him true purpose. 

Breaking people’s dependency on big pharma by introducing life changing CBD oil alternatives to opiates and prescription medicines is Tony’s new mission. It is a mission he shares with those who join the Hemp+Ville CBD franchise family.  


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