Hemp+Ville CBG Flower

CBG hemp flower is a type of hemp flower rich in Cannabigerol (CBG). A new addition to the hemp space, CBG flower is an internationally sought-after hemp flower that allows users to enjoy the benefits of a minor, but essential cannabinoid. Just like CBD flower, CBG flower is non-intoxicating and naturally contains very low levels of THC. Meaning, smoking or vaping CBG flower is not going to get you high and is completely safe to use by every adult. Consumers use CBG-rich hemp flower the same way they enjoy CBD flower — trimmed and prepared for consumption. In comparison to CBD flower, CBG flower is very delicate and demands better care by growers. Cultivating high-CBG flower is not the easiest process because, if handled improperly, the flower can lose potency.


Hemp+Ville CBD Flower

CBD flower is the original source of cannabidiol. Hemp plants are typically rich in CBD, in addition to other cannabinoids and terpenes. They also contain some THC, but not enough to actually get you high, and typically within the legal limitations of 0.3% THC. CBD flower refers to the buds of hemp plants. Hemp generally contains around 15-20% CBD, in addition to a full spectrum of other cannabinoids. It is virtually indistinguishable from marijuana—the main difference is that hemp has lower amounts of THC. The 2014 Farm Bill has legalized the cultivation of hemp in the USA, and it is now sold in every state—although some states may require a prescription to obtain CBD-based products.