Hemp Field Where CBD Comes from

What’s in my CBD oil? You Deserve to Know

So… where does the CBD oil at the gas station come from? What’s in it? We have no idea! Really. Problem is, neither do you. Even the cashier ringing you up doesn’t know. That’s a big problem!

Hemp+Ville Difference

Here’s the Hemp+Ville difference. We know EXACTLY where our CBD comes from! Small town farmers are growing it, extracting it, and manufacturing all the products we offer. Kind of like the craft beer of hemp. Neat, huh?

By working closely with farmers who we know personally, and who grow their hemp similarly to a quality vineyard, we ensure they give quality attention to each plant. They utilize drip irrigation to provide precise hydration. Saving water and maturing healthy plants.


Source Local

Hemp+Ville CBD is committed to our community, which is why we source locally whenever possible.

Future generations of farmers will follow us. That’s why we only partner with companies who practice sustainable farming methods.

These farmers never use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Farmer’s like ours are committed to knowing exactly what’s in your CBD oil. They even create their own organic fertilizer that helps balance the local ecosystem. They know exactly what’s in their CBD oil and exactly what’s not.

Our suppliers are part of the sustainable agricultural revolution; the phytocannabinoid Hemp farm revolution! These Tennessee farmers say they are “Tennessee Proud”. Hemp+Ville CBD works with farms that make full spectrum and THC FREE CBD products for a happy, healthy lifestyles.

We are Different

We are strong advocates of natural remedies. Safe and healthy, that’s our mission – which is why we need to know exactly what’s in our CBD oils. We position ourselves as an alternative to big pharma. This is how we can help. Not only help others, but everyday we live our beliefs. See why we do it!

Our Suppliers

What’s in my CBD oil? All Hemp+Ville CBD oils are verified from “Soil to Oil”. We know how they are grown, harvested, processed and bottled.

None of the oils we sell contain pesticides or heavy metals and all are certified by third parties as clean safe and accurate in terms of trace levels of THC.

This is just one of our many commitments to you, our customer. Read more about our principles.