I founded Hemp+Ville CBD in Southaven, MS on the principle of breaking people’s dependency on big pharma by introducing life-changing CBD Products and Delta 8 THC. These alternatives to opiates and prescription medicines are a core principle of Hemp+Ville CBD Southaven.

Hemp+Ville CBD was conceptualized after I was introduced to the benefits of CBD oil by a close friend who suffered from longstanding pain. I often state that I ‘had a revelation’ or a vision, that hot summer night in 2018, that changed the direction of my life and gave me true purpose. 

Breaking people’s dependency on big pharma by introducing life changing CBD oil and CBD Flower alternatives to opiates and prescription medicines has become my new mission, a mission I now share with those who want to join our Hemp+Ville CBD Franchise Family.

Best wishes,
Ben Couey



Coming from a family of eleven doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, Ben Couey, the founder of Hempville CBD, shares his personal story of loss and exploration for a ‘better solution,’ which led him to start Hempville CBD.



When you choose Hempville CBD, you’re choosing a partner in your wellness journey – one that’s committed to bringing you the best in customer service, purity, and research-backed goodness.

Shop with confidence at Hempville CBD and unlock a world of natural wellness like never before. Your vitality, our promise.


| Our Passion + CBD |

We are committed to our community, sourcing locally whenever possible. We partnered with companies who practice sustainable farming methods, remembering that future generations of farmers will follow us. Because of that, we work closely with farmers who we know personally. They grow their hemp similarly to a quality vineyard, giving attention to each plant while using drip irrigation to provide precise hydration.

They never use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and create their own organic fertilizer that helps balance the local ecosystem. Our suppliers are part of the sustainable agricultural revolution; the phytocannabinoid Hemp farm revolution; and Tennessee farmers who say they are: “Tennessee Proud.”

Hemp Ville CBD works with farms that make full spectrum and THC FREE CBD products for a happy and healthy lifestyle.


| Pure + Local |


At Hemp+Ville CBD™ we are strong advocates of natural remedies. We position ourselves as an alternative to big pharma.


Our CBD oils are verified from “Soil to Oil”, which means we know how they are grown, harvested, processed and bottled. None of the oils we sell contain pesticides or heavy metals and all are certified by third parties as clean safe and accurate in terms of trace levels of THC.


| CBD in Mississippi |

Hemp+Ville CBD is based in the beautiful city of Southaven, Mississippi. The company was founded in 2018.

It is obvious that there is an immense need, as evidenced by the multitudes of families who are uprooting themselves to MOVE to places like Colorado. Just to gain access to CBD products! Hemp+Ville CBD was born from this realization. With the introduction of industrial hemp-derived CBD products including CBD massage oil, CBD vape juice and Hemp Cigarettes, Hemp+Ville CBD can finally bring the health benefits of CBD to the masses in Mississippi!

The Benefits of CBD

We discovered CBD (cannabidiol – a cannabis compound) through a friend who had been dealing with severe pain issues caused by a terrible spinal injury. Refusing to take any opiate painkillers, she started experimenting with CBD oil and CBD vapes, and to her surprise it worked!

After researching CBD benefits and its legality issues, we saw the need for CBD and hemp-related products in Oxford, Mississippi and Southaven, Mississippi. He found that not only did CBD help people with pain relief, but multiple studies showed that it was providing symptom relief for things like depression, anxiety, nausea, seizures, and many other medical conditions!