CBD Oil May Offer Relief as a Sleep Aid for Insomnia

CBD Oil May Offer Relief as a Sleep Aid for Insomnia

CBD Oil May Offer Relief as a Sleep Aid for Insomnia

CBD oil, an extract from the hemp plant, has gained a vast amount of attention in recent years as a possible aid in relieving a variety of health-related symptoms.  CBD for insomnia is one such ailment that seems to respond well to cannabinoid oil.

What is Insomnia?

Typically, insomnia refers to the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep, which can cause a host of other health problems, particularly if the sleeplessness goes on for an extended period of time.  Roughly one-third of Americans suffer from this condition, whether it is acute or chronic. The Mayo Clinic lists the following as symptoms of insomnia:

 •  Difficulty going to sleep

•   Inability to remain asleep

•   Feeling sleepy in the morning or throughout the day

•   Anxiety or depression

•   Worrying about sleep

The effects of this condition can have far-reaching consequences, altering one’s ability to perform well at work, behind the wheel of a vehicle, or within relationships.

How Does CBD Help Insomnia?

Within the human body is a system which regulates the overall balance, called the endocannabinoid system.  According to CannaInsider, there are endocannabinoid receptors, referred to as CB1 and CB2, within the surface of cells throughout the human body.  CBD has the ability to stimulate both of these receptors, thereby giving the system support to work effectively. 

Since the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating bodily functions such as sleep, CBD oil can help to relieve the symptoms of insomnia and bring much-needed relief to those suffering from sleep deprivation.

Why Choose CBD Oil Over Traditional Medications?

While there are a variety of prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids on the market, many carry side effects.  Minor issues may include drowsiness or a “foggy feeling” during the day and can range to the extreme with severe issues like potential dependency or addiction. 

Many insomniacs choose the natural benefits of CBD oil over modern sleep aids to minimize the possibility of becoming dependent.  Cannabidiol is not addicting and does not contain the chemical which causes a psychoactive, or “high,” reaction.  Since the side effects of CBD are minimal, it is viewed by many as a natural alternative to pharmacological drugs. 

Reducing dependency on pharmacological drugs is a tenant of Hemp+Ville CBD, including using CBD for Insomnia. Read more about our principles and why we do what we do. Or you can listen to our founder, Tony Barragan, talk about it!


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