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Edibles are short for Edible cannabis products, they are products you eat or drink that contain cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can affect your mind and body; one being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that can cause someone to become high. Edibles are another way to consume THC other than smoking or vaping.

Whether it be cookies, brownies, or gummies, edibles come in a wide variety of foods. It is important to read your edible labels to know how much THC is in them. Some contain far more cannabinoids than others and one must ensure they know how much they are ingesting to be safe. You should also understand how certain edibles will alter your mind and body. 

If you are looking for a new way of ingesting THC other than smoking or vaping, edibles may be what you are looking for. Ingesting THC has a longer effect on your body than inhaling. This is important to take into account so you are prepared and around friends or people who are experienced in using edibles.

At Hemp+Ville CBD we offer edibles in the form of gummies, brownies, tea, honey, and chocolate. Our retailers are some of the most well-known and use the highest quality THC in their products. Our staff ensures to educate you about all of our edible products to make sure you are getting the product that best fits your needs.


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