R & R Medical CBD Cat Chews


  • R + R Medicinals
  • 100 treats
  • Trout and chicken flavored 
  • 1.5 mg CBD per treat 
  • 150 mg CBD 

R & R Medical Hemp Extra Cat Chews

R & R Medical Hemp Extra Cat Chews

Do you have a kitty that has gone through surgery or is having issues with arthritis? Has your cat been struggling to settle down and needs help finding calm? R+ R Medicinals offers a variety of Hemp products, including Hemp Extract Cat Chews. These tasty, Trout and Chicken-Flavored Cat Chews can give your cat a natural way to find calm and relief. This flavorful formula is packed with Trout, Chicken, Duck, and Turkey. Your cat will undoubtedly enjoy all of these flavors and the advantages and health benefits that come with it. These Cat Chews are considered to be Full Spectrum CBD which means they contain a blend of THC and naturally occurring Hemp Extract to ensure users are getting the most out of the plant. Hemp Extract Cat Chews trace amounts of THC, this makes sure your kitty is feeling the benefits while not suffering from psychoactive effects. These Cat Chews have 1.5mg of CBD and 150mg total in each container, with 100 pieces per container. Each Cat Chew contains terpenes (aromatic oils that give cannabis strains their flavors), flavonoids which help inflammation and pain, and antioxidants. For only $24.99, your cat can be left feeling clam, relaxed, and pain free. R+R Medicinal Hemp Extract Cat Chews are the perfect way to help your kitty live a comfortable life. Order yours today and see how much your cat loves them!