Thankful For CBD

Thankful For CBD

 Why Am I Thankful For CBD?

The year 2020 has been one heck of a year, to say the least.  I knew 2020 was going to be an election year which, in-of-itself, brings its own set of problems and stress, but then you combine that with the COVID-19 outbreak, the mismanagement of COVID-19 by health officials and politicians, the loss of loved ones, online learning, lockdowns, the loss of a job or business or the uncertainty if that job or business will survive in 2021, and the pre-and-post election noise that never seems to go away, thank goodness for CBD in 2020.


CBD has allowed me, (and many others), to be able to manage the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 without losing my mind from the stress and anxiety this past year has caused. CBD has allowed me to have a healthy choice in dealing with this past year as opposed to turning to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or even worse, and why does CBD work so well…because CBD is a cannabinoid, that allows our body’s endocannabinoid system to be able to recognize it and interact with CBD very naturally, which is why our bodies respond so well to CBD.

CBD Benefits

CBD helps boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and pain in the body, and suppresses stress, anxiety, & depression, as well as many other health factors.  There are also many applications for taking CBD.  There are CBD tinctures/oils you put under the tongue, lotions, balms, & rolls you can apply to the skin, gummies, brownies, cookies, & chocolate bars you can eat, you can vape it with a vape cartridge or Juul pod, smoke it in its natural flower or bud form, drink it in the form of a tea or coffee, and my favorite, taking a nice hot bath with a CBD bath bomb that works the whole body at once.

The Future of CBD

Looking forward to 2021 the question I keep asking myself is, “surely it can’t be worse than 2020?”  Who knows?  All I can promise is CBD will be there to help celebrate the good times and help manage the bad times.  Speaking of which, I have to host a Christmas Dinner & New Years’ Eve Party this year.  Here’s to CBD in helping me manage the stress of hosting while providing a bit of enhancement in bringing in the New Year, 2021.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and Happy New Year from the Hemp+Ville CBD Family to yours!