CBD Stocking Stuffers and New Year’s Celebrations

CBD Stocking Stuffers and Ways to Bring in the New Year with CBD!

This holiday season is a time for celebration, giving, and being thankful for friends and family. However, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year for some individuals. The stress of hosting a Christmas party or dinner, having extended family stay at your house, checking your gift list, and marking it twice just to make sure you got those who have been naughty and nice can cause someone to stress out rather than enjoy the holiday season. Also, for those individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, this time of year can be absolutely nerve-racking and frightful for them.  Rather than turning to your favorite bottle of Wine or Liquor, or trying to score some weed off your college-age nephew, here are some great CBD products including CBD gummies, CBD lotions, and CBD flowers you can try to take the edge off for yourself and the rest of the family as great stocking stuffers, unique gifts, and a great way to bring in the New Year. Each CBD product has its own benefits! 

Check out our CBD products below that are great gifts!

CBD Bath Bombs:
 The Hemp+Ville CBD Bath Bomb contains 150mg of CBD and essential oils. It works the whole body all at one time, easing sore muscles and joint pain while relaxing the body. One bath bomb offers two to three days of full-body relaxation. The Hemp+Ville CBD bath Bombs are great for athletes, working parents, and grandparents to offer a quick, easy and economical way to pamper yourself in regards to your health and maintaining your body. 
East TN Hemp Co. Chocolate Bar:

The East TN Hemp Co. chocolate bar is unlike any other chocolate bar you’ve ever had.  It’s packed with 150mg of CBD combined with milk chocolate for a savory taste. As soon as you pick the bar up you can tell a difference given the weight of the bar, it’s solid, and tastes great.  Dip it in your favorite jar of peanut butter or melt it with s’mores and you’ll feel a calming relief throughout the body. It’s a twist on the traditional holiday chocolate and it can make a unique stocking stuffer.

Hemp+Ville CBD Tattoo After Care:

If you have a tattoo lover in your family, this CBD tattoo aftercare is right for them.  After getting a tattoo the skin can become swollen & irritated but with Hemp+Ville’s Tattoo After Care, you can soothe that swollen, irritated skin with a balm that reacts to the temperature of your skin and is infused with 250mg of CBD.  A great stocking stuffer for those that love to be inked. 

R&R Medicinals CBD Gummy:

Have someone in your family that has nagging chronic pain in their body like their hands or feet, or suffers from anxiety and has a hard time going out in public? R&R Medicinals CBD Gummies will help do the trick.  These CBD gummies offer an easy, convenient way to take CBD, plus they’re great-tasting and have a whopping 25mg of CBD in each gummy.  They are great for pain relief, inflammation, stress, & anxiety.  R&R Medicinals CBD gummies are also Vegan and one of our top selling products that keep customers coming back for more.  R&R CBD Gummies would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone in the family!

Blue Moon 150mg CBD/Melatonin Sleep Gummy

If you or someone in the family has trouble going to sleep at night or staying asleep, the Blue Moon CBD Gummies are what you need. Each gummy is filled with 18.75mg of CBD combined with 5mg of Melatonin. Blue Moon CBD uses the highest quality CBD and after eating one CBD gummy, in 20 min you will start feeling relaxed and heavy-eyed, ready for bed.  At our house, half of a gummy does the trick for us.  Best of all, no hangover effect in the morning.  You wake up feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep and ready to start the day.  Blue Moon CBD and Melatonin Gummy are a must-have for those night owls that have to wake up early in the morning. 

OG Collagen/CBD Gummy

The OG Collagen/CBD Gummy is a must-have for anyone’s beauty & wellness program.  These CBD gummies help strengthen hair and help prevent hair from falling out as you get older.  It helps strengthen nails and promotes nail growth, and is great for maintaining your skin’s elasticity and preventing wrinkles.  Each CBD Collagen gummy contains 48mg of collagen combined with 5mg of CBD and contains 60 gummies per bottle.  A great supplement to help maintain healthy skin, nails, & hair to live life and stay young!

Koi Delta-8 Gummies:

Want a deep body & mind relaxation without the high? Check out the Koi Delta-8 gummies, each jar contains 20 gummies infused with 25mg of Delta-8 THC.  As this CBD gummy passes through your digestive system releasing the Delta-8 you will start to feel a deep relaxation, stress-free effect.  Formulated by a team of Doctors this Delta-8 CBD gummy is the real deal and comes in Strawberry, Blue Razzberry, and Mango flavors.  A great way to bring in the New Year.

Errlli Sour Terp Delta-8 Gummy Worms:

These gummies offer a powerful Delta-8 THC punch.  Each pack contains 10 CBD gummy worms infused with 60mg of Delta-8 THC.  It would be wrong to underestimate this CBD gummy. Once taken, the Delta-8 slowly but surely starts to take effect and builds on itself as it goes through your digestive system and into the bloodstream offering a deep body & mind relaxation effect.  No drinks necessary if you take this gummy on New Year’s Eve, just feel the stress roll away and let the party begin.

Peach Mint Delta-8 Flower:

If smoking flower is more your thing, then you need to try the Peach Mint Delta-8 Flower.  A combination of 25% Delta-8 THC and 18.89% of CBD this flower takes the edge off a long hard day or is a great enhancement to making a New Year’s Eve party even better.  

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